• 1000 Pcs Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Refill

    The Great Secret of Premium Loom Rubber Bands That Don’t Snap in Seconds!!!

    Save your kids tears and try out our top quality BRAND NEW loom rubber bands.


    Manufactured with the highest quality compression molding in the know method used to produce sophisticated and very precise silicone rubber parts. Most of other brands use fast and cheap methods providing unevenly shaped bands with small cracks, bumps and of a random thickness. This causes them to snap and crumble easily, which obviously ruins all the fun. Keeping abreast with the innovation, World’s Best Toys for Kids is the first and the only company to use compression molding for producing Loom Rubber Bands.


    Main features?


    • COMPRESSION MOLDING TOP QUALITY PRODUCTION METHOD! – Used in manufacturing high quality and precise parts such as infant products, bottle nipples, spatulas or seals. Guarantees ideal rubber band shape, extreme durability and sturdiness. Unlike other brands it will not brake in seconds and your bracelets will last very long.
    • 100% HIGHEST QUALITY LATEX – FREE SILICONE – Safe for kids, non-toxic, water, sun, and heat resistant. Free from bad chemicals and smell. These bands have a unique feature – they come back to its original shape after stretching to maximum! Design and create unique sparkly bracelets, necklaces, rings, bags, key chains or any décor you only wish.
    • 10 SOLID CRISP COLORS – White, yellow, turquoise, purple, black, red, pink, green, orange and blue. These bands were designed especially to make sure that the color will not bleed with bands rubbing each other and will not bleach quickly like other brands. Play and make up to 40 high-quality, long-lasting color loom bracelets out of just one package.
    • BONUSES! – Free PDF Booklet with links to YouTube instructional videos organized by difficulty level for your convenience. Free 50 S-clips + 50 C-clips for various loom creations.
    • LIFETIME 100% WARRANTY – If for some reason you are not happy with our product, you will get full refund without any problem or questions asked, all completely FREE of charge.


    What makes us different?

    - The highest quality production method of all silicone bands on market.
    - Will last and won’t snap in seconds like other brands
    - Free Booklet (PDF) containing links with QR codes to instructional videos on loom bands creations!
    - Free 50 S-clips + 50 C-clips finally together!
    - Get the exact 10 colors as listed – we do not mix the colors randomly unlike others.
    - Elegant package – makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.


    The ONLY Loom Rubber Bands With Lifetime No – Hassle, No – Questions asked, Free Replacement Guarantee.


    DO NOT disappoint your kids and yourself and order our premium loom rubber bands now. Click the BUY BUTTON and start your QUALITY loom band fun now!

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